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Tort – Student Assaulted By Willie M Student – Post – Traumatic Stress Disorder – $1 Million Default Judgment Against Defendant

August 26, 2002

By: dmc-admin August 26, 2002

Brief statement of claim: The plaintiff was sexually assaulted by a classmate on the premises of the public high school where she was enrolled as a mentally handicapped student. The assault occurred between two portable classrooms during a daily walk around the campus. The defendant was a Willie M student.

Principal injuries (in order of severity): Assault; plaintiff was subsequently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder

Special damages: $616 in medical bills

Tried or settled: Default judgment against assaulting defendant
County where tried or settled: New Hanover
Case name and number: Linda J. Dunbar, Individually and as Guardian Ad Litem for Isamae C. Johnson, A Minor v. Antwine D. Williams et al (00 CvS 2200)
Date concluded: Sept. 10, 2001
Name of judge: Benjamin Alford
Amount: $1 million
Insurance carrier: n/a
Expert witnesses and areas of expertise: Julie West, licensed clinical social worker/psychotherapist, testified on behalf of the plaintiff regarding treatment and therapy provided following the assault

Attorney for plaintiff: M. Troy Slaughter of The Slaughter Law Firm, P.C., Wilmington
Other useful info: The plaintiff’s teacher was named as a co-defendant in the action under a theory of negligent supervision. Resolution of the plaintiff’s claim against the teacher is subject to a confidentiality agreement. The classmate defendant was convicted of felony crime against nature as a result of the assault on the plaintiff.

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