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Car Accident?: What You Need to Know

October 9, 2017

Sometimes after an accident a state of shock can set in. You know you need to call the cops and get the other party’s insurance, but there are many other steps to take that you may not think about in the moment. Taking these steps will help insure you go through the legal process of an accident as smoothly and justly as possible.

  1. Call 911.  Make sure the police come to the scene to collect insurance information and file a police report. Make sure you receive a copy of the report. Usually, you can collect the police report days to weeks after the incident.
  2. Receive Medical Care.  If you are badly injured, go and receive medical care. If you suffer from minor injuries, still see a medical professional after the incident clears to document what you have suffered. If you have seemingly no injuries, Slaughter Law recommends you still see a medical professional to rule out any unknown injuries that could become a problem after the case is settled. Make sure to take pictures of all injuries and keep all medical bills and records.
  3. Take Pictures and Videos. Take as many as possible from all angles. Sometimes memories fade or cars are moved and having these on hand will help end any possible disputes. If you are injured and cannot take pictures, Slaughter Law recommends you call a friend or family member to go to the scene and take the pictures and videos on your behalf. Do not count on highway patrol to take pictures, they tend to take pictures only if it is an extremely severe case or there was a death.  
  4. Collect all personal belongings.  If your car is to be towed away, make sure to collect all personal belongings and necessary documents. If your car is totaled, make sure to also take your license plate and your license tag, you will have to turn those into the DMV.
  5. Notify Insurance. When the accident has cleared and you have a moment, make sure to notify your insurance of the wreck.
  6. Hire a Lawyer.  If you have been injured in any way, from stitches to internal bleeding, or the other party’s insurance company denies liability for the wreck, Slaughter Law recommends that you seek legal counsel. Dealing with insurance companies is a long and frustrating process. Done alone, you risk not receiving your due justice.

If you are badly injured and taken away in an ambulance and no one can be on scene on your behalf, Slaughter Law recommends that once you have been released from medical care, go to your vehicle. There you can take all pictures and videos you were unable to before, as well as collect all personal belongings and necessary documents.

A car accident can happen to anyone at anytime. Slaughter Law recommends that you are always prepared for the worst by having the best insurance within your budget. Slaughter Law recommends under your car insurance coverage, you always have the most uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, the most liability insurance, and the most medical payment coverage that you can afford.

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