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What do I Wear to a Deposition?: Tips for Men and Women

March 20, 2018

In our last article, What is a Deposition, we prepared you for your verbal testimony.  In this article, we prepare you to communicate non verbally.  During your deposition, the opposing counsel is evaluating what you say, and your impression on a potential jury. During a trial, appearances can make a difference on jury outcomes. While how you look and what you wear doesn’t necessarily tell the jury everything about you, your appearance will nevertheless play a significant role in how you are perceived.  Your goal in a deposition is to appear, and be, trustworthy.

Tips for Men

  • Start fresh  Your hair should be washed and neatly brushed. You may consider getting a hair cut to make sure it looks tidy.  Shave the morning of your deposition. If you must keep your beard, make sure that it is clean and trimmed. 
  • Clothing  Dress like you’re going to an interview. In most cases wear well fit pants in black, brown, or khaki with a long-sleeved dress shirt.  Consider wearing a tie. Your shoes should be conservative, and polished.Do not wear jeans, shorts, sneakers, or sandals.
  • Distractions  Remove any piercings and all jewelry.  Avoid heavy colognes.  Do not wear loud colors or patterns. Do not wear a hat.
  • Tattoos  If you have any tattoos, especially facial or neck tattoos, use makeup to do your best to mask them. Pick a concealer or cover-up at the grocery store that matches your complexion.


Tips for Women

  • Hair  Keep your hair clean and conservative: pulled away from the face, or parted and neatly combed.  Do not wear a hat.
  • Scent  Wear a very small amount of perfume, or non at all.
  • Clothing  Keep it conservative and muted in color; keep the amount of visible skin to a minimum, avoid spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder tops, or thin materials. Women opting to wear dresses or skirts should also wear pantyhose.  A women’s suit or slacks and a blouse may be a better choice for women who are not comfortable in dresses.
  • Tattoos  If you have any tattoos, especially facial or neck tattoos, use makeup to do your best to mask them. You may consider having them concealed with an airbrush. 
  • Jewelry Wear only a small chain and stud earrings, or keep it simple and wear no jewelry at all. 
  • Shoes  Always wear flat or less than 2 inch heeled shoes, avoiding high heels, sandals, and open-toed shoes. Do not wear tennis shoes. 


Above all, remember that you want to be taken seriously and make a good impression. If your outfit does not inspire confidence and trust in the mirror, it’s not going to do you well in the deposition.